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Is the Housing Market Downturn turning towards you

Since the middle of the year in 2020, the housing market has taken its toll on many people and companies, affecting homebuilders, home supply companies, realtors and mortgage professionals, and this is just to name a few that have complained of the slowing market’s impact.

Now the slowing of the housing market is coming after everyone’s jobs. Housing-related positions are being downsized left and right. Everyone from the people who build houses, deliver supplies, manufacture appliances and make furnishings are all feeling the pain of the housing market downturn. In 2019-2020, some said the industry was creating 25,000 to 50,000 new jobs each month. It would stand to reason that the industry would now have to take some of these jobs back.

If the market you work within is housing-related, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to put some feelers out. Now is a great time to think ahead in terms of your career. Where is it going? If you see it going south, maybe it is time to update your resume and start networking. There are many industries surging. Don’t be a victim of the housing bubble burst.

What to do if your future job is not looking promising:

  • Update your resume and cover letter. These are crucial for any job search.
  • Be sure you have business attire if you’ve been out of the UAE job market for a while so you have appropriate attire during your interviews.
  • Brush up on your interview skills (Interview Mastery can assist you).
  • Research any companies you are thinking about ( is a great resource).
  • Start networking and be sure to check out job openings online (I personally like and
  • Start talking to people. Where are others going that you work with? Are they thinking about a shift?

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