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private taxi is usually a small car hired by an individual or an organization for private use in private places like shopping malls, airports, hotels, etc. The private taxi is considered to be separate from any public transport network and serves as a private car. However, the government has set rules and regulations that govern this type of private vehicle and it has to comply with all those rules and regulations.

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A private taxi service must have a certificate of insurance from the Department of Transport. They also need to have insurance coverage for third party liability for damage to another person. In addition, they also need to have liability insurance to protect their passengers. However, insurance is optional but recommended.

Generally, private cars have air conditioning, radio and TV but not a telephone or internet connection. They can be fitted with navigation systems but may only be able to communicate through cellular phones. A luxury private limousine with a chauffeur, driver and staff have internet access, a telephone, a DVD player, a laptop and a CD player. They also have some other conveniences like televisions, audio system, mini-refrigerators and air conditioning.

Private limousines are usually more expensive than a regular taxi, but it is often worth paying the extra. One can find the ideal car to suit his requirements and budget. For example, if you want to have all these facilities then you can opt for a Mercedes Benz which is very luxurious and can be rented from any reputed car hire firm. If you don’t need all these facilities then you can rent a private sedan, hatchback or SUV which are much cheaper.

You don’t necessarily have to use public transport to travel with a private vehicle. Most limousines have a spacious limo inside and a spacious stretch of road outside. They also have satellite television and DVD players which can be used to watch movies and shows while travelling.

The convenience of having a private vehicle is another advantage that you get from it. You can drive it at your own pace, listen to your favorite music, use the phone or surf the internet wherever you wish. You can even drive at night without being concerned about driving safely in a busy city. Most of the luxury limousines also come with heated seats, air conditioning and full service for maintenance of the vehicle. Just rent from a reputed company and make your choice and enjoy!

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