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Can I move my cat’s litter field?

It is an often-asked query amongst pet owners, and the easy answer is sure. However, take the time to think about it first. Just like human beings, cats have possibilities about where they would really like to do their business, and in case you positioned their muddle container in an inconvenient region or circulate it too quickly, you would possibly locate that your kitty chooses other unwanted places to head. Here are some things to bear in mind earlier than, in the course of, and when you pass a cat’s muddle box to a new region.

Before: Litter Box Location Ideas

Before you flow your cat’s clutter field, brainstorm the professionals and cons of various locations. Try to think inside the thoughts of your kitty, and keep away from playing “musical muddle bins” together with your cat by way of changing the area too regularly. Here are a few elements to do not forget:Cat Litter Box


Where will they want to go? If you pass the litter field upstairs to the basement, it is probably hard for older cats, cats with health problems, or kittens that have just eaten and are searching out a close-by litter box.

Cat Conflicts

If you’ve got more than one cats, are there any conflicts or dominance dynamics that would have an effect on wherein a cat will move? One of your cats might be an alpha cat, and your other cat is probably a chunk scared of them and have trouble getting over the fear of using a certain litter field.

Noisy Appliances

Proximity to noisy appliances like furnaces, washing machines, or dishwashers may be complicated because the noise of them turning on all at once may frighten a cat. Remember that the overall rule for muddle boxes is that when you have two cats, you should have 3 litter bins. Some cats opt for at the least clutter packing containers: one for poo and one for a pee. Welcome to they reviewed the best litter box products.

During: Move a Cat Litter Box to Another Room

The nice method for shifting a cat clutter container is to take things gradually. One approach is to place a new litter field within the new place, however, preserve the vintage one before everything. Gradually pass the antique one towards the location of the brand new one till the cat is secure in that place, after which cast off the old clutter box. If you don’t want to introduce an additional litter container, simply gradually move the unique to the new location, however, pass at a tempo this is relaxed in your cat.

After: Keeping the Litter Box Clean

One consideration whilst you circulate a clutter container is whether or not it’s miles may be handy for you due to the fact one in all the largest clutter box errors puppy proprietors make is neglecting to smooth litter boxes, which may be very off-putting for a cat. Ideally, you must scoop the litter two times a day, and remember that the container itself can become pungent and offensive to cats, in particular plastic boxes, so try to replace those containers once 12 months. When converting muddle box locations, the key techniques are to discover an area that is handy on your cat, take the move slowly, after which remember to keep the field easy so your cat will maintain to apply it.

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